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To create a GECS Mail Group:

Open the Windows Administrator program, Go to the Users Folder, edit a user’s record, such as FRED. Click on the Mail Tab and enter a GECS Mail Group Name such as ADMIN. You can enter up to 5 mail group names for each GECS user.


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To make JACK and LAUREN part of the same mail group as FRED, go to JACK and LAUREN’s GECS user records and add ADMIN to each “GECS Mail Group” name field.

Then when you set up your Event Definition to either “Send Alerts to” or “Send Mail to,” you would enter *ADMIN (the * denotes this is a mail group name not just a GECS user name) in the event definition fields and when the event occurs (such as Job is Late - Event 50), FRED, JACK and LAUREN are all notified because they are all part of the ADMIN mail group.


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